Consumer Electronics Show Report

Let's see what's new in tech in 2020

What is CES?

The consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is the largest meeting of tech vendors in the world. The meeting is always the first week of January each year and features the latest tech gear available. There are many different levels of vendor booths at the show including a "Wild West" of tech offerings in one big hall. There is a display of the award winning tech for the year as well as huge booths from either Amazon or Google (depending on the year - they trade off showing each other up).

Stuff that interests me

CES is just an awesome place to go if you want to know what is happening in tech for that year, and a great way to detect tech trends. See what's hot and what is not.

What will 2020 hold for 3D printers? At CES 2019 there was a very nice display of 3D resin printers by Formlabs. Which printer type will win out at CES2020 or has the market gone cold for the technology?

What will we see in new drone tech at CES2020? At CES2019 there were a lot of drones to look at. There were underwater drones made to look like sharks, dolphins and smaller creatures. There was a drone from Russia that charged it self while hovering in a designated area at its home base. There was a huge people mover drone made by Bell Helicopter. There were individual drones that people could fly. They looked like motorcycles with propellers.

Will we see more smarthome tech in 2020? At CES2019 we saw lots of z-wave products, so many smart door locks that we couldn't keep track and even some security cameras with embedded AI. We are excited to see if the smarthome segment continues to grow in 2020.

CES2019 was loaded with car tech including some really fancy headlights by Audi, autonomous vehicle tech from pretty much all the manufacturers, some electric vehicle tech from the major players and more. We are looking forward to seeing what CES2020 holds as car tech continues to advance.

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